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How to Better Your E..

The question how to acquire proficiency in the use of English has been uppermost in the minds of many.  Basically English is a language of usage.  By learning the most useful words and phrases and using them in the right context, one can easily improve one's speaking and writing skills.As ..


Self Letter Drafting..

Letters are infact instruments that carry the thoughts of ont to another. So for as personal letters are concerned they carry emotions and sentiments besides feelings.  There are three types of Letters. 1. Personal letters 2.Business letters and 3. Official letters. Each kind of letter has its..


High School English ..

      It has been our cherished project to bring out a grammar book for high school and intermediate students. The non-availability of suitable writers delayed our project. At last we chanced upon two eminent English Teachers, Sri K.V.Purneswararao and Sri M.V.Chalapatirao, ..


High School English ..

      పూర్తి అర్ధనిచే పదాల సముదాయం వాక్యం. అలంటి వాక్యంలో క్రియ,కర్త ఉంటాయి. వాక్యంలో క్రియ చాలా ముఖ్యమైన పదం; ఆ పదం లేకుంటే వాక్యం పూర్తీ అర్దనివ్వదు. ఓకే ఒక్క క్రియ అయిన వక్యమౌతుంది. ..