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Mulla Naseeruddin

      Index : 1. The Idea. 2. Wit Hit 3. Good in Evil 4. Jerk of Luck 5. Aroma in Air - Noise in Ears 6. Practical Lesson 7. Paid in the same coin 8. Tale - Cocktail 9. Sense -0 Non sense 10. Carefulness 11. Bride came - Beard Gone 1.2 Adwise's. ..


Jataka Tales

      In this book there is about Secret of Treasure, A word makes Wonders, Foolish Priest, Greed Results in Grief, Unworthy Official, Brainy Business, Bond of Friendship, Awareness of time, Perseverance - The Success Key...


Grandpa's Children M..

      In This Book There Is About Talkative Fox, Jealousy, A Farmer And His Donkey, Greatness Of A Rose, An Intelligent Fox, Show Off, Foresight, Unimportant People, Grapes Are Sour, The Cruel Wolf, The Wolf And The Fox, Sins Of A Man, Failed Tactics, The Fisherman, Human Sins, ..