What is Yoga? What is Meditation? It is nothing but concentration.  That means we should put our mind on the work for what we are attending at present.  It is a known fact to all of us, at times the situation of body present and mind absent occurs.  Why it happens? (This is nothing but Paradhyana)

It is a known proverb that "It clearly says that one should concentrate on present doing work.  One's body and mind should be at one point.  This is nothing but yoga or meditation.  The out put or the end product will be very rich and qualitative without any stress and strain, while doing the work in yoga or meditation.  When we are eating, that is "Eating Yoga",. When we are taking bath, that is "Bathing Yoga" etc.,

This book clearly explains and make practice how to put our wondering mind into our body.  How to put both body and mind at one point.  ("I" awareness) We can say that this book is a search light for the youth to build up of their personality development, the soft and communicative skills, how to impress others and to win others in all aspects without fail. If you start reading this book, you will through the pages.

Pages : 236

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