Every man who wishes to lead a successful life must have atleast some basic knowledge of Mathematics, Two main conditions for successful in any sort of work are interest and confidence. Todays industry is tomorrow's intelligence.
This book has been complited for the benefit of students below 10th class . To motivae the students to learn mathematics with interest and To develop a positive attitudes towards mathematics is my intention.
In compiling this book , I referred many books including  'Vedic Mathematics ' written by \swami Bharthi krishna theerdha Maharaj ' and consulted many eminent mathematics Teachers to incororate useful , easy way of mathematics . Teachnics & shortcuts methods for the benefit of the high school students. I convey my gratitudes to all the great mathematicians, authors of many mathematics books whose ideas are presented in this books.
it is an interesting publication containing a number of shortcut calculations which would stimulate the interests of the reader. Practice more examples for good benefit.
Practice makes man perfect.

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