Sri Adibhatla Narayana Das gained eminence principally as "Harikatha Pitamaha", Father of Harikatha. But he was equally awe-inspiring as a poet, Translator, Writer and Thinker. His works "Navarasa Tarangini, Velpu Vanda, Seema Paluku Vahi, Batasari, Minki Manku", and others are well known. His translations of Omar Khayyams Persian Rubayats and Aesop's fables are unique. His biography "Na Yeruka" is a famous work. But his works are not generally available in book shops. Special Souvenirs were brought out on many occasions on his personality and his contribution. Still, I believe that this biography which was written by late Sri Vasantharao Brahmaji Rao, himself a writer of repute and one who knew Sri Narayana Das intimately, will the attention of the reader. This book is useful for today's readers who wish to know about Sri Narayana Das.

Pages : 66

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