In This Book There Is About The Merchant Of Ramgarh, The Monkey And The Crocodile, How The Turtle Saved His Own Life, The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking, The Ox Who Won The Forfeit, The Sandy Road, The Measure Of Rice, The Quarrel Of The Quails, The Foolish And Timid Rabbit, The Elephant, Girly-Face, The Princes And The Water-Sprite, The Carpenters And The Elephant, The Banyan Deer, Granny'S Blackie, The Crab And The Crane, The Ox Who Envied The Pig, A Huge Lump Of Gold, A Gang Of Drunkards, The Prince Of Moneys, Two Ways Of Beating A Drum, The Dancing Peacock, The Whatnot Tree, The Beauty And The Grey, The Tree That Acted Like A Hunter.

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