Solar system is a group of heavenly bodies consisting of a star and the planets and other objects orbiting around it. we are most familiar with our own solar system which includes Earth, light other major planets and the Sun. Besides the Sun, and earth's moon, many objects in our Solar system are visible to the wonder eye. Since 1990's, astronomers have discovered many planets orbiting distant stars though the planets, cannot be seen directly. The sun is the largest and most important object in our solar system. It contains 99.8 percent of the solor system mass. The sun provides us most of the heat, light and other energy that makes life possible. Moons orbit all the planets except mercury and venus. The inner planets have few moons. Earth has one, and Mars has ten tiny satellite the giant outer planets however, resemble small solar systems with many moons orbiting each planet. Many astronomical observations and researches have taken place since a century back and many hidden secrets of our solar system are brought to notice the world. This book solar system discuss a lot of things about our solar system, in an easy, lucid and attractive language which helps to know more about planets and our solar system. It is fully illustrated. 

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