What is success I I it a) earning money and acquiring property ? b) gaining positions of power and influence ? C) achieving name and fame ? d) enjoying good health, a happy married life and mental peace ? e) achieving success in the examinations and interviews ? None of the answers to these questions satisfactorily defines success.
It is the Oxford English Dictionary that gives an exact defini-tion of success.
1011110. 450 Success is the achievement of the desired goal. Then comes the question; What should be desired goal of a person ? : The desired goal of a person should be that, which promotes the welfare of not only himself andthe members of his family but also that of others. In other words, it should not cause any harm to . anybody. Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theressa, to quote a few, strove for the welfare of one and all. There are also others like Ivan the Terrible, Adolph Hitler and Idi Amin, who strove to achieve such kind of success which proved detrimental to the welfare of the mankind.

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