Did you ever think of constructing malls, hotels and flats througout the country, reasonably above the railway tracks in metropolitan cities and thus utilising the vacant space?
By doing so, the railway department can gain thousand million rupees through lease sale and rentals...!
Passengers waiting on platforms for late trains, drained out in frustraion can be entertained in mini theatres (instead of at waiting rooms)  with a minimum entry fees.  The theatre will be full 24 hours a day, and the railways get millions of revenue through ads.
It is the wisdom and lateral thinking that this book throws light upon.
Yandamoori Veerendranath, a Chartered Accountant, a novelist, film director and a Sahitya Academy Winner, known of his illustrious craftsmanship in motivating the people, delivers his best in the astonishing book that unearths your hidden potential.
This book helps you to fight your lack of concentration; inferiority complex, anger and tension...develop your soft skill, intelligence and public speaking.
These techniques are neither taught by your parents nor by your teachers.

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