It once more gives me great pleasure to announce the comple-tion and issue of the Telugu-English Dictionary after many years of patient labour and research, and to present it to the public who have been, I am informed, very eagerly expecting it for several years. Difficulties and obstacles without number and often without name, though well-known, unfortunately, in the way of useful, especially literary work, have delayed the issue of the book so long. I feel deeply thankful that I have been spared health and energy enough to com-plete this further service to my countrymen and others interested in the Anglo-Telugu literature, some of whom have done me the honor of expressing their wish that I should give the public the necessary counterpart of the English-Telugu Dictionary. It is this their wish, apart from my strong conviction of its high educational value and great importance as a proper aid to the student in the study-and cul-tivation of English, that cheered me up in the execution of the labo-rious task. Mr. R.C.C. Carr, a gentleman of distinguished scholarly attainments, was pleased to write to me thus :— "I hope you will some day complete the good work you have already done for Anglo-Telugu literature by bringing out a Telugu-English companion to the present work."

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