To inculcate good behaviour, manners, morals and ethics in your children make them to read "PANCHATHANTHRA" Stories! Panchathanthra is a mine of knowledge.  This is like a fragrant flowdr Parijaata amongst Children's literature. This crossed the borders of the Indian Continent and entered into African Asian and European continents. Not only that, it spread to the entire world.  Some 200 tranlations of this book came out in over 60 languages and it acquired unparalled reputation throughout the world. There are many morals hidden in Panchathanthra. It is because of the desire to convey these morals to the children in a simple and interesting manner.  I got the urge to prepare this edition. The boys and girls who go through this book will read their likes in a moralistic manner and become extremely worldly wise. There is no doubt in this.  

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