Butchibabu - The Painter

Butchibabu experimented with several types of paintings during the initial years.  He started painting with pencil Sketches moved on to sketch with Indian ink.  This was followed by a phase in which he produced Abstract Paintings.  For Portrait Paintings, he usually requested his subject to sit before him.  Some of the portraits were very good.

And then there was a time when he used order books that are classified as 'Nude Study'.  He "clothed" some nude figures with colours and studied them.  He and few of his friends used to sketch and paint nude figures.  They were not satisfied with the results and it was not pursued further.

However, all these are pursuits were short-lived.  Landscape Painting was his most preferred art form throughout his life.

Whenever we were around villages, his favourite pastime was to sit by the lake-side, enjoy the surrounding view and paint it.  A large number of his landscapes have been painted in the villages.  His preferred colours were usually lighter shades and their combinations.

We are bringing the paintings remaining with us in book form.  A few of my own paintings are also included in this book.  We hope that this book would help in preserving and presenting Sri Butchibabu's works for the wider audience. - Sivaraju Subbalakshmi

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