Do you know who is called "MOTHER" By All?

Who is called "The Saint of The Gutters"?

She was foreigner who made India her home and served the poorest of the poor. She is Mother Teresa who is loved by all because of her wholehearted deeds that she showed towards the fellow human beings.

Early Life and Childhood : On August 26th, 1910 Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia in Europe. Her family belonged to the Albanian descent. Among the three children of her parents, she was the last. Her father's name was Nikolle Bojaxhiu, who was a merchant and a grosser. Her mother's name was Dranafile, who was a homemaker. She had an elder sister named Aga and an elder brother named Lazar. In childhood, they were actively involved all types of church activities. Her parents made prayer and religion as part and parcel of their family life. They were encouraged to lead a generous and non-materialistic life style from their childhood. She used to accompany her mother who fully occupied in taking care of orphans, alcoholic mothers and elderly people.

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