Interenet and Digital Technology are the biggest chalenges for the modernage writers. To get the attention of the reader form net book to written book is an arduous task. I took several years to frame this book, which is useful for everyone. Every concept of this book has been experimentally proved in the class room, on my students. English is a big devil for many, but it is compulory to fight with it and get the mastery of the language. In English, variations are a plenty. The best method to become proficient in this language is 'practice'. More 'practice' more benefit we get. From clerical exams to web based exams like G.R.E, T.O.E.F.L, I.E.L.T.S, G.M.A.T and all types of examinations, vocabulary is compulsary. One's G.R.E. Score depends upon 'Verbal' score only.
There are many books on vocabulary. My aim is to provide 'student-friendly' practice book. Clarity is the biggest priority in my books. Now I speak about word list 'Arrows - 2005.' It took forty five days to filter many Dictionaries to findout the best words, frequently repeated in competitive exams. Many of my pupils supported me to do this task. They did a lot of practical work. I am sure, it will cater to the needs of the aspirants.

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