Kurnool District, before Independence, was there in Rayalaseema which was existing as a part in United Madras State.  When Andhra state was formed in 1953, Costal and Rayalaseema areas got merged.  At that time, Adoni and Aluru taluks which belonged to Bellary were joined in Kurnool.  As these areas were having good relations with Karnataka right from the beginning, the influence of Kannada languae and culture will be seen here.  Apart from that, the people from Adoni to Kodumuru will be seen speaking Kannada languae along with Telugu.  Telangana area of Hyderabad State and Andhra State came together to form Andhra Pradesh State when linguistic states were formed in 1956.  But due to various reasons that took place in the recent past, both these areas got separated into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States in 2014.
This books describes all about the History of The Kurnool District.

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