The question how to acquire proficiency in the use of English has been uppermost in the minds of many.  Basically English is a language of usage.  By learning the most useful words and phrases and using them in the right context, one can easily improve one's speaking and writing skills.

As a means to achieve this goal, most useful expressions numbering 1000 have been included in this book.  They will stand one in good stead to better the English usage.

Where the expression is difficult to comprehend, the meaning is given at the end of the sentence.

Expressions are chosen keeping in view their importance and frequency in daily usage.

At the end of every chapter four exercises are given.  Two are meant to test whether the correct use of the word (s) is known and another two to test whether the meaning of the word (s) has been correctly understood or not.

Answers to these exercises are given at the end of the book. - Author

Pages : 128

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