We know that man appeared on this planet about lakhs of years ago and his development to the present stage had to cross so many hurdles. Man's evolution on this planet is very much interesting to know. Archaeo-logists have pieced together the story of man and his evolution by studying what the people left behind including art work. Tools, ruins of buildings, fossils and even their own skeletons. Such objects provide the main evidence of what prehistoric, people where like and how they lived. As time passed on in the medieval ages many colonies of far off coun-tries have risen. As the feeling of self rule slowly increased in the colonial provinces, the idea of establishment of colonies has come to a stop. The end of colonialism made international politics much less stable. At present tensions between communist and non communist nations begin to decrease sharply in the late 1990's. To have a more healthy, happy and safe life in the Modern World we should control the differences in between us and establish peaceful coor-dination. For a healthy and peaceful coliving all people of the world should be concerned with 1. Ecological pollution and 2. International Terrorism. Many such things are discussed in this Book for a good understand-ing about the story of civilization and world history in a simple and lucid language. It is expected that this book attracts the attention of all Students and adults. 

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