If you've always wished you could play chess but have been too intimidated by the intricate rules and strategies to try it, then  Chess for Beginners will help you. Unrivaled for the clarity and quality of its explanations, this handy book covers all basic aspects and ideas of the game in a series of uncomplicated, easy-to-follow numbered steps that begin with the easiest chess ideas and gradually build up to the more sophisticated.

If you are a first-time player of any age, you will rejoice in master teacher Alexei Sokolsky superb and very readable method that stresses understanding, not memory. And you will feel yourself learning step by steo! This small book takes players through:

General Rules - Mating Patterns - Special Rules - Principles.

The new standard algebraic notation, more than 200 diagrams round out this unique book. Any one who has ever been slightly intrigued by chess is sure to be fully inspired by this elegant presentation of one of the most challenging and enjoyable games of all time.

Pages : 163

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