French is the second widely spoken language in the world after English.  French is spoken in five continents in more than hundred countries.  Two hundred and twenty million people around the world speak French.  There are 70 countries in the Internationale de la francophonie including the United States of America.  French is  used as an official language in 28 countries.  French is aslo an official language of UNO, NATO, and International Redcross.  It is the official language of post offices around the world.

In India the demand for French is on the rise.  There are 15 branches of the Alliance Francaise all over India.  Along withs academic qualifications a foreign language is an added advantage which helps in pursuing high careers in international  organizations, embassies, diplomatic service, etc. 

This is a unique book that gives you Basic grammar, Verbs, Tense, Sentence construction, paragraph writing, conversations, proverbs, stories and everything.  This book will certainly help you to fulfil your desire learning French.

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