Englihs ha been occupying an important place, now a days in every corner of the world. Even before Independence, It was taught as a language from lower classes onward in schools in our India.  now, It has become an efficient tool of effective communication at the international level, and proficiency in English is a must for executives, administrators and Engineers.
That is why all competitive examinations test the candidate's proficiency in this concept, and so, several universities have included English for competitive examinations as an important component in the curriculum. 
So, the candidates have to be trained in certain specific  linguishtic skills for this purpose.  They have to draft reports efficently and able to explain clearly.  For this purpose this book has been written by the author.  This book contains grammar word power, writing skills, and communicative tasks in detail.  Finally, this book can be used by any one, who is interested to appear for any competitive Examinations, with full confidence to get good opportunities in the future.  - Pulletikurti Eswara Chary

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