The importance of Spelling
Why do you need to imporve your spelling skills? The answer is, purely and simply that because of the misspelling you ususally get a lower grade.  Some college teacehrs seem to feel that a student who can not spell or take the care to spell correctly has nothing important to say and deserves a poor grade. 
Any one who has ever served on a search committee (a group of people whose taks is to hire some one) knows the importance of the ability to spell.  When the search committee looks at the applications, they are looking at the misspelling words, and then they reject the candidates.
The same holds true. A study at a large corporations showed that a person might et a job because of an intial skill.   So any one needs the ability to write and spelling is one of the most noticeable features of good writing.  Any how spelling does keep a person from getting a good grade and also good job.

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