Grammar topics are organized into 60 days to learn the english grammar in a specific time frame. This time finance can be increased or decreased according to the convenience of the learner.
Each topit is dealt with definitions followed by Examples, Exercises and their Answers.  This type dealing with the topic enable the learner to understand the topic thorogughly and remember it permanantly.
The Parts of Speech, Tenses, Axiliary Verbs, Structure, Analysis and Synthesis of Sentences are covered exhaustively with examples and exercises.
Affirmative and Negative, Questions Form and Question Tag; Degrees of Comparision; Active Voice and Passive Voice, Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences; Direct and Indirect speech are dealt with models, examples and exercises for the easy grasp of the rules and methods of the Tranformations of the sentences.
All these silent features of the book make the English Grammar easy to learn because this book is self explanatory.

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