Education does not simply mean the period of study right from childhood upto a certain age. But educaion in its wider sense is selfculture and self improvement . In that, Mathematics acts as a measuring rod for assesing the intellectual capacity of an individual.
the Knowledge of the Mathematics is the fundamental requirement of day to day life . I sincerely hope that readers wil find this book " Ganitha Vijnanam" as most useful one in the study of Mathematics.
This book is intended to motivate the students to learn mathematics with interest and to develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics with interst and to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics, This book Ganitha Vijnanam in its revised form is really an asset to those who wish to appear for any competitive examination or Quiz in Mathematics in particular. this book caters to the needs of students appearing for mathematics olympiad, X class public Exam, talent test comducted by various associations  & socail organisation and Maths Quiz. This book contains not less than 2000 objective type questions with answers with a wide coverage of syllabus form 6th to 10th class including hisory of mathematics Non routine mathematics and questions based on reasoning. it is very much hoped that the subject matter will create a confidence among the candidates to prepare for Maths talent tests, Mths quiz and for peparation of Maths Olympiad Examination.

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