The Language :
"Sri Vavilala Subba Rao…has taken pains on examining the Gadaba language spoken in the Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh.  There are two distinct groups speaking this language.   One ot them is distinctly Dravidian...... .... the other has been declared to be 'Munda'.....I am sure it will attract the attention of the linguists..." - Prof. G.J.Somayaji
& the People
Sri D.R.Patnaik has presented a socioeconomic study of the Gadabas of Rajacheruvuvalas of Vizayanagaram district of Andhra Prdesh.  They left their Original home in the deep ravines of the eastern ghats centeies ago... TheGadabas have little to fall back upon The Gadabas are a lost people.

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