The Dictionary of Verbs, English to Telug.0 with Past Tenses and Past-participles is a very very important book to the Students, Teachers, Schools, Office Staff, Officers, Offices, Libraries etc. There are a number of words, which are not known as verbs, but known as nouns only. There are verbs, of which, the past tenses and past participles are typical. As observed, many educated people do not know the Past tenses and Past participles of certain verbs. And many educated people do not know to write the passive voice and indirect speach properly at the required place, for the reason that they do not know the correct past tenses and past participles. " English medium students are coming into employment in the offices and legal professions etc. But the English Language standards have fallen down, considerably, in the office correspondence and other drafts. So, this Dictionary, having about 4350 verbs will help and guide to use appropriate verbs, Past-tenses and Past-participles, wherever required and to improve the standards of English Language usage. 

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