One ol the renowned Pioneers and Torch bearers of Modern Telugu, a Civil Servant of the then‘Eastlndia Company, was born on 10.11.1798 at Calcutta, India. His father was Rev. David Brown [1763-1812) and mother Francis Cowley. He was educated at Haileybury College (England) for a job in East India  Company to serve in South India. In 1817, he reached Madras and studied Telugu and M Marathi. In 1820 he was appointed as Asst. Collector, Cuddapah and published his first  Book on Telugu Prosody in’ I827, later submitted a Telugu - English Dictionary to the East India company oificials. lnl 843 Nonnayds Telugu Maho Bharatam and Vasucharitro  aol Bhattumunhy. a renowned Telugu classic were published under his editorial core and  he started printing his Telugu - English Dictionary along with Dictionary of Mixed Dialects and Foreign Words (the present one) and English - Telugu Dictionary. He completed the worloby 1853, resigned tohis 10!) in 1854 and returned to London in 1855. He worked lor some time as prolessor of Telugu in London University and died on l2t‘l1 December, i334 CT the moturerl nan nl RA

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