India has a great diversity of natural ecosystems from the cold and high Himalayan ranges to the sea coasts, from the wet north eastern forests to dry arid deserts, wetlands, islands and oceans. The country ranks tenth in the world in terms of number of mammalian species, and eleventh in terms of endemic species of higher vertebrates. India has ten biogeo graphic regions, namely the trans Himalayan, the Himalayan, the Indian desert, the semi-arid zone, the western Ghats, the Deccan Peninsula, the Gangetic plain, North-East India, the Islands and the coasts. Sixth in terms of countries with the most threatened birds. According to the Red list of threatened Animals, 18 animals are vulnerable. Among plants 44 are critically endangered, 113 endangered and 87 vulnerable. Some of the animal species that are endangered are lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Jackal, Red fox Sloth beer, Tiger, Indian Lion Leopard, Wild Yak, Gangetic Dolphin, Mute Swan, Indian Peafowl, Great white crane, Gharial, Trunk Turtles etc., Alot such of things about animals are discussed in this book. This book tells much about the Animal Kingdom and a good number of facts about them in an easy and lucid language useful for all those who wish to know some thing and more about the Animal Kingdom. It is richly illustrated. 

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