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The Thief And The Innkeeper, The Eagle, The Cat, And Wild Sow, The Stag In The Ox-Stall, The Hare With Many Friends, The Frogs Desiring A King, The Lion And The Bull, The Grasshopper And The Owl, The Man, The Boy, And The Donkey,  The Fox And The Crow, The Man, The Boy, And The Donkey, The Fox And The Satyr, The Fox And The Mosquitoes, The Goatherd And The Wild Goats, The Wind And The Sun, The Horse Hunter, And Stag, The Man And The Serpent, The Cat-Maiden, The Lion, The Wolf, And The Fox, The Wild Donkey And The Lion, The Crow And The Raven, The Old Hound, The Eagle And The Fox, The Fox And The Cat, A False Promise, The Hares And The Frogs, The Panther And The Shepherds, The Lion And The Crane, Two Neighbors, The Bowman And Lion, The Lion In A Farmyard, Etc.,

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